Remember the post about my manager leaving?  Well, in the following months, things went from bad to worse.  My former team mate got promoted and immediately went on a power trip.   I decided that I needed a better environment to work in so that I could thrive and grow.  I put in my notice on the 22nd of February and got an “Ok.”.  Yep.

Well, because of that, I’ve been in a bit of frenzy with finding pants for the new job (didn’t see any jeans there!  😦 ), trying to finish up what I am doing here (not training, they haven’t seemed to be too concerned with people being able to pick up the slack – that would be funny to watch), being sick and, of course, celebrating 😀 – add all that together and I have a sink full of dishes and no food – lol.  I was planning to make two separate recipes this weekend, but neither of them happened.  The kitchen has to be completely cleaned and every time I looked at it, I cried a little and watched TV (PBS is the devil – kay?).

Tonight, I am planning on tackling that mess since there is nothing I want to watch on TV and I should be back to cooking tomorrow or the day after.  If I remember to take out the chicken and buy the meat and other ingredients that I haven’t gotten yet, that is.

Just bear with me!


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