Baked Potato for Dinner? Yes, Please!

This is how smart I am – I made a baked potato on the HOTTEST day of the week.  We’re talking 85-88 degrees.  Yea, I’m smart, right?  But, it was in the schedule, so it happened.  I know you guys probably don’t need pictures, but I got them any way.


Then, take your ingredients and prep them – I will explain the wood later (That’s what HE said – HA! )

After the potato is done, or in my case almost done, Mix in the butter, then top with sour cream, cheese and bacon.  Then, throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Realize your microwave is a piece of crap and nuke for 15 more seconds.  Sigh when the cheese is still not all melted.  Then, take a picture and eat

(I couldn’t decide which one was best)

Ok, so the wood?  It’s a wooden skewer.  I read somewhere that this one guy put a skewer in the raw potatoes so he could tell when it was done by how easy it was to remove from the potato.  Maybe he wasn’t using a gargantuan potato like me, but my potato wasn’t quite done.  It was enough that I figured I could smoosh it up enough to make it edible.  It was actually only noticeable in two bites.  The royal we were very happy.  I love having a baked potato for dinner.  It’s so filling and almost decadent because of the toppings.  In case you’re wondering, it was only 521 calories.  If I had gotten the butter right and only used a half a tablespoon, it’s under 500 calories.  For an entire meal with bacon and cheese?  Yes please!!


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