Vegetable Egg…..Envelopes

I found this recipe in the America’s Test Kitchen Comfort Food Makeover cookbook.  I was really excited because I love egg rolls.  I figured “Healthy?  GIMME!!!”  lol.  The only problem?  I have a rolling deficiency.  This time, I blame the wrappers.  While I was writing that, I found that wasn’t my only problem *SIGH*


This is me trying to roll them into nice little “rolls”.  As you can see, the spring roll wrappers aren’t square.  I ended up just making package type envelope things.

I ended up with 9 total instead of the 8 from the cookbook.  When cooking, I split them in two different skillets.  Apparently, I don’t have a mondo skillet needed for cooking these all at once.
VER_Batch1 VER_Batch2

The cooking method on the cookbook is to brown the “rolls” then steam them cooked, then brown again.  I decided that they weren’t browning right in the cast iron and moved a chunk to the stainless, muttering some derogatory statement about the cast iron’s ability to be non stick and evenly heated.  This is after they were steamed.  Can you guess what happens next?
VER_AfterSteaming VER_AfterSteaming2

Yep – horrifying sticking – the after math:
VER_Disaster VER_Ok

The ones in the cast iron faired better than the ones in the stainless skillet.  You could almost hear the cast iron skillet laughing at me.  I was just struck with an idea of why, though.  The cast iron had less “rolls” in it, but the same amount of water as the stainless steel.  The water was still in the skillet when I took the lid off, so I dumped it out.  I wonder if I would add double the water, but boil the same amount of time, if the stainless would end up good, too.  Although, I would rather try baking them like the numerous recipes online for the healthy egg rolls.

My Dinner

The taste of them wasn’t bad, but surprisingly bland.  Even with all the seasonings pictured above.  Since I couldn’t get it to brown the second time, the taste was more like a giant pot sticker.  I think it would benefit from more garlic, maybe some hot sauce….not sure.  I am also not sure if I will be making it again.  I was supposed to be having it with sweet and sour chicken, but that didn’t pan through – not enough time.  I didn’t eat until 8:30 as it was!  Instead, I substituted a frozen meal from Trader Joe’s.  One of my go-tos and one of my “Why do I keep getting this?” items.  It’s not bad, but a bit too salt and most of the vegetables are soggy when cooked.  I may be giving up on Trader Joe’s frozen meals…..




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