Garlicky shells of deliciousness

I found this side recipe and wanted to try it so bad, I built a meal around it instead of using a main dish.  I found it on Iowa Girl Eats (again).  If you haven’t checked out her site, you really need to go peek.  This is the first of two recipes of hers I will be posting in the next week.  This recipe is for Creamy Garlic Shells.  As a person who has eaten those noodles and sauce packets for dinner on multiple occasion, I was excited to read that she developed something to replace it with real food.  It takes about the same amount of time, too.  Nothing weird – made of stuff I pretty much always have in my arsenal of ingredients……just forgot to include them in the pictures

Ingredients.  Missing: Garlic

Measured out ingredients.  Missing: Garlic and flour

Sauce.  Missing: The white bowl in the previous picture

Finished.  Missing: my fork

Dinner.  Missing: my second helping 🙂

Pair this with the steak from the previous post and you got yourself a great dinner!  On the side, corn on the cob.  I actually baked this in the oven in the husk.  325 for 25 minutes for 2 cobs.  I was skeptical, but it actually worked.  The husk and silk just slide right off.  I think when the corn gets bigger, I will have to leave it in for 30 minutes.

I don’t know how else to end this post – lol.  It was good, it was great and easy.  Go make it!


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