Simply Steak

I am not a big beef eater.  I only have 8 posts tagged as beef on my blog and this just might be the best of them all.  The recipe from the last post inspired me.  I tried to think what would go the best with it.  First, I was thinking seafood.  Then, it hit me….STEAK!  After scouring the web for what type of steak to buy, asking on forums, I set out to buy one.  With my knowledge flying around my head, I stood in front of the meat case…..and picked one that looked good, forgetting to look at what it was.  Eh, the stomach wants what it wants.  Plus, it was the perfect size.  Less than a pound – perfect for just me.

All wrapped up looking pretty

In it’s raw glory

In the pan, seasoned with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

One side seared.  I honestly don’t know how long I cooked it for, but it wasn’t really long.  I was aiming for medium to medium rare and just went with my gut, I guess.  I think it took maybe 10 minutes total to cook?  Maybe 15 minutes?

All done!

After resting for 7 minutes, I sliced.  OMG – can you see that perfect color?

OMG – this was a wonderful meal.  The beef was perfectly cooked and it was SO tender.  It almost melted in my mouth!  I don’t know if it was the temperature it was cooked to or where I bought it from.  It was such a wonderful dinner (pic coming in the next post along with some sides).  It was definitely a pricy steak compared to what I normally buy, but if I eat it so rarely, why not do it right??


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