Sweet Potato Fries at home

There’s a local deli that serves the best sweet potato fries – EVER!  I am not familiar with that particular tuber, so I never attempted it at home.  Then, I saw the picture in this post and I just had to try it.  I bought my first sweet potato and away we go.

Ingredients – missing the olive oil of course.

All chopped up.  Now, the hard part – waiting for a half hour.

Coated them with corn starch.  I wasn’t sure if I should dry the potatoes or not, first, so I did.

After turning.  They seem to be missing the brownish niceness.  Not sure what happened.  I actually ended up leaving them in for 10 instead of the 5 the recipe said.  I topped them with some kosher salt to try and replicate the deli fries as close as possible.

I paired it with some frozen shrimp and clams.  Yea, I know the clams were a gamble, but for some reason, they really sounded good (hangover).  I used some homemade sweet chili sauce for dipping the shrimp (coming in another post).  Ah – so satisfying.  They aren’t in the picture because I got hungry 😐

I ended up leaving them in for three times as long and they still didn’t really brown.

Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that was good.  The cornstarch was just bad.  It stuck in my teeth and overwhelmed the fries.  I didn’t even finish them and I eat burnt fries.  I don’t think this experience will stop me from trying them again, but I think I am just going to go the regular route of tossing them just in olive oil.



You read right – they weren’t packages!  They turned out as rolls!!  AHHHH!  🙂  I was so happy!

Anyways – I found this recipe and the only thing I needed was coleslaw – I figured, why not?  I had to adjust because of the amount of chicken I had left over to use.


Realize that the BBQ sauce in the picture above expired in Feb – too long, even for me.  Substitute Stubb’s sauce instead.  Be lazy and throw it in bowl for the Immersion blender and chop up the chicken.

Roll them up with some coleslaw.

Bake in 400 degree oven for approx 15 mins until golden brown

Then, try and be artsy and take some pictures
BCER_ArtsyShot2 BCER_ArtsyShot1

Well, I think I skimped a little too much on the BBQ sauce.  Definitely needed more cheese, too.  I think I was a little TOO reserved on the filling to try and not overfill, too.  I did have an issue with the flouryness of the egg roll wrappers – you can see them in the picture above.  The original recipe calls for spraying the rolls with non-stick spray.  I put a little olive oil on instead, but maybe I need to use a little more.  I was really liked these.  They weren’t too complicated and had a good flavor.  It really kind of opens up the possibilities of what else can be made into an egg roll.  I have other recipes, but I just didn’t have the confidence to do it – especially with the last disaster.  I can’t wait to make this again 🙂

Happy Union – Finally

I had such high hopes for this recipe.  It’s called Happy Union from this cookbook (If you are logged into amazon, click Look Inside and do a search for the recipe).  I had been planning on making this more than once.  This time, I was going to cook everything on the grill and then follow the recipe from there.  Instead, I mostly followed the recipe except for the amount of oil, the chicken marinade and the vegetable used 😀 – you know, just a little.  I didn’t marinate the chicken because it was supposed to be grilled.  I still poached both the asparagus and chicken according to the original recipe.  With the shrimp, garlic and ginger, I only used 1 tbsp of oil.  With a non-stick wok, I didn’t think it was necessary to use a total of 4.  I also got about 6 servings of the recipe instead of the assumed 4.

Ingredients (minus the raw chicken because I decided ew)

Sauce made up

All the meat and vegetables cooked

All the kids in the pool.  The sauce was added and about to boil

Done!  See the thick sauce achieved by adding some cornstarch and water?


OMG – this was so good and so simple.  It took a little time because I wasn’t prepared, but it is definitely a sauce I could see tossing with some leftover meat/protein and large veggies.  I don’t think something like corn or peas would work in this.  But leftover broccoli, cauliflower, etc?  Oh yea.  It was a good salty, a little tang of pepper, but not enough garlic…..cause, I’m a garlic freak.  Definitely make this.

I tried so hard!

Today was the day I decided to start tracking my calories again – after two and a half days of slacking off.  I was originally going to just start on Sunday, but had an epiphany and tracked today…..too bad I didn’t make the decision until AFTER I drank the 20 oz of regular coke.  I had to get creative, so I got an idea and did something I used to eat with my parents on New Year’s Eve and other holidays.

I took these

And made them into a nice little dinner that looked like this (ignore the debris on the counter)

Now, the sad part is that I actually thought I only had 250 calories to use for dinner.  Then I realized I had a bit more, but then I realized that I wasn’t supposed to have the gouda today (facepalm).  So much for staying within my calories – only over about 60, though.  Oh well, it was still good and refreshing.  I am actually going to have the same thing for lunch tomorrow….but replace the crackers with pita chips and tzatziki 🙂 – I did notice one weird thing…..I finished the peanut butter and I can still smell it.  I don’t see it anywhere, but that is all I can smell!!  Does this happen to anyone else??