I tried so hard!

Today was the day I decided to start tracking my calories again – after two and a half days of slacking off.  I was originally going to just start on Sunday, but had an epiphany and tracked today…..too bad I didn’t make the decision until AFTER I drank the 20 oz of regular coke.  I had to get creative, so I got an idea and did something I used to eat with my parents on New Year’s Eve and other holidays.

I took these

And made them into a nice little dinner that looked like this (ignore the debris on the counter)

Now, the sad part is that I actually thought I only had 250 calories to use for dinner.  Then I realized I had a bit more, but then I realized that I wasn’t supposed to have the gouda today (facepalm).  So much for staying within my calories – only over about 60, though.  Oh well, it was still good and refreshing.  I am actually going to have the same thing for lunch tomorrow….but replace the crackers with pita chips and tzatziki 🙂 – I did notice one weird thing…..I finished the peanut butter and I can still smell it.  I don’t see it anywhere, but that is all I can smell!!  Does this happen to anyone else??


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