You read right – they weren’t packages!  They turned out as rolls!!  AHHHH!  🙂  I was so happy!

Anyways – I found this recipe and the only thing I needed was coleslaw – I figured, why not?  I had to adjust because of the amount of chicken I had left over to use.


Realize that the BBQ sauce in the picture above expired in Feb – too long, even for me.  Substitute Stubb’s sauce instead.  Be lazy and throw it in bowl for the Immersion blender and chop up the chicken.

Roll them up with some coleslaw.

Bake in 400 degree oven for approx 15 mins until golden brown

Then, try and be artsy and take some pictures
BCER_ArtsyShot2 BCER_ArtsyShot1

Well, I think I skimped a little too much on the BBQ sauce.  Definitely needed more cheese, too.  I think I was a little TOO reserved on the filling to try and not overfill, too.  I did have an issue with the flouryness of the egg roll wrappers – you can see them in the picture above.  The original recipe calls for spraying the rolls with non-stick spray.  I put a little olive oil on instead, but maybe I need to use a little more.  I was really liked these.  They weren’t too complicated and had a good flavor.  It really kind of opens up the possibilities of what else can be made into an egg roll.  I have other recipes, but I just didn’t have the confidence to do it – especially with the last disaster.  I can’t wait to make this again 🙂


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