Sweet Potato Fries at home

There’s a local deli that serves the best sweet potato fries – EVER!  I am not familiar with that particular tuber, so I never attempted it at home.  Then, I saw the picture in this post and I just had to try it.  I bought my first sweet potato and away we go.

Ingredients – missing the olive oil of course.

All chopped up.  Now, the hard part – waiting for a half hour.

Coated them with corn starch.  I wasn’t sure if I should dry the potatoes or not, first, so I did.

After turning.  They seem to be missing the brownish niceness.  Not sure what happened.  I actually ended up leaving them in for 10 instead of the 5 the recipe said.  I topped them with some kosher salt to try and replicate the deli fries as close as possible.

I paired it with some frozen shrimp and clams.  Yea, I know the clams were a gamble, but for some reason, they really sounded good (hangover).  I used some homemade sweet chili sauce for dipping the shrimp (coming in another post).  Ah – so satisfying.  They aren’t in the picture because I got hungry 😐

I ended up leaving them in for three times as long and they still didn’t really brown.

Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that was good.  The cornstarch was just bad.  It stuck in my teeth and overwhelmed the fries.  I didn’t even finish them and I eat burnt fries.  I don’t think this experience will stop me from trying them again, but I think I am just going to go the regular route of tossing them just in olive oil.


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