Slow cooker beef

I am not sure what else to call this.  I kind of whipped it up on my own (crazy, I know!).  I don’t have pictures of the ingredients.  I just threw everything in the crock pot in the morning and ended up with this:

I shredded the meat and added some corn starch and water slush to thicken it up.

I also tasted and adjusted the salt at this point.  I also added some fresh ground pepper.  I read some where that if you are adding pepper to a dish, do it near the end or it gets bitter.  Normally, I don’t worry about it, but with something cooking this long, I didn’t want to risk it.

I let it cook for another 45 minutes on high to see if it would actually thicken – nope.  Added the beef back in and let it heat back up

I made some instant mashed potatoes (the horror) and spooned the beef over top.  I was going to have some other things with it, but I am just exhausted today.  And to demonstrate even further, I forgot to take a picture 😦

I made another of the same plate for lunch.  Tomorrow night, I want to try and make some shredded beef burritos.  My fave: no beans in sight 😀

I would try this again, but I would double all the seasonings and also make the gravy on the stove top.  I have so little experience with slow cookers, but I want to try to expand my skills.  I am not a fan of the idea of chicken and salsa, but I do have some roasted garlic salsa might work out pretty well.

Don’t worry, I will share it all with you.  🙂


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