Sweet Chili Sauce

I was making a recipe and I forgot the sweet chili sauce.  A quick google search and I found a simple recipe that sounded good AND I had all the ingredients.

Ingredients.  The recipe called for fish sauce, but all I had was oyster sauce.  I thought I would be able to substitute it.  SCS_Ingredients


See the goo?  Yea, I boiled over.  It sucked, but it worked out in the end.

See how nice and thick it is?  That’s from the addition of the corn starch and water slushy that I added.  I forgot it in the ingredient picture.

Holy crap – this stuff is good.  I used it in the recipe (that really sucked, so I am not sharing it with you) and I used it for the shrimp last week.  I think I added more red pepper than I should have, but it was still good.  I didn’t get the sour taste that they mention in the article.  Maybe since it boiled over, I lost some vinegar.  I am still going to be making it again.

It was so simple to make that I don’t think I would ever buy it.  I always have the ingredients in my fridge/cupboard.  I highly recommend it.  The heat can be adjusted to your tastes – I just didn’t measure and taste 😀


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