Breakfast Burritos

I had planned on making homemade hot pocket type breakfast things.  Really descriptive, huh 🙂  Well, I decided to be lazy because I don’t want to deal with the dough.  I thought to use rolls instead, but I forgot to buy them.  I was sitting here trying to figure out what to make.  I wanted something different, but I didn’t want a lot of servings since I have some hard boiled eggs that need to be eaten.

I decided on Breakfast Burritos!!

The start of something good

Eggs cooking.  I am a bit anal about things.  I cooked the eggs separately for all the burritos that I made so I knew exactly how many were in there.

Start building.  I put it on a piece of foil to make it easier to wrap.

Bacon first – cause I like crunchy on the outside.  Two slices, please.

Then the eggs – slightly undercooked since I knew I would be reheating them.  Don’t want to have over cooked eggs.  I used one egg and one egg white

Sausage – cause……why not?  🙂  I only used a half of an ounce

Cheese on top of it all.

I don’t have a picture of them wrapped because I am not that good at it and I immediately put it in the foil.  Normally, I would recommend freezing them, but I only made three and I know I will be eating them all by Friday.  I have made them in the past and they were fine frozen.  I think I actually reheated them in the toaster oven, but I don’t have one at my new job.  This time, it’s gonna be the microwave.  I am still pretty excited about it 😀


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