Double “Crunchy” Chicken with Honey Garlic Sauce

Another find from Pinterest, I was really excited about this recipe.

Ingredients – forgot the oil (not including the sauce – look at all of those seasonings! 😮 ).  You can see the laziness of me in the background with the thinly sliced chicken breasts 🙂

Breading in the bowl.  I didn’t sift because I didn’t have ground thyme – just regular.  I simply took a fork and fluffed it a bit.

I didn’t take a picture of breading the chicken, but I did notice one thing – you really can’t bread ahead of time.  When I did that, the egg started to seep through all of the flour and some of the pieces stuck together.  I don’t think it affected the final outcome of the dish, more of an FYI.  I think that if I want to bread ahead of time again, I will get out parchment paper and make it one level.

Another note about the breading: the recipe says that it makes enough for two batches, but the idea of saving used breading makes me squirmy, so what you see up there is only a half a recipe.  Before breading, the recipe instructs you to add salt and pepper to the chicken.  I skipped this since it was already in the breading.  I also cut in half the egg wash step.  I figured if I needed it, I could always add more.  Maybe that was a mistake?

Cooking the chicken

All the chicken done – not a bad haul

Let’s not forget the sauce!  I actually made this first since the directions say it needs to cool.
Ingredients for sauce

This is how I measured the liquid……cause it looks cool

Sauce boiling

My plate – I was hungry, so there were no sides

I think the temperature didn’t translate well on the site.  I think I should have set it to 6 or 7 on my stove.  This cause the chicken to not be as crunchy as I would expect it.  I didn’t dip the chicken in the sauce because I wasn’t eating it all in one night.  The sauce wasn’t bad, but I think that it would be better without the pepper.  That plus what is in the breading seemed to be a little over kill.  If I had put salt and pepper on the chicken as well, I don’t think I would have liked it at all.

The reheating the next day, I put the sauce on the rice I actually cooked and it was better that way.  The chicken still needed something, though.

There were so many seasonings, I really couldn’t tell what I was tasting.  I could taste the pepper, but only as a burning sensation.  I could definitely taste the black pepper.  The nutmeg and maybe ginger, but that might have been the smell.  The rest of the breading?  Nope, couldn’t really distinguish it.

After all that is said and done, while this wasn’t a bad recipe. per say, it is quite involved with a lot of ingredients that didn’t turn out a result as highly praised as in the comments on the original site.  I don’t think I will be making this again.  If I did, I would probably cut a lot of seasonings out of the breading.


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