Chicken and Dumplings the easy way

I love chicken and dumplings.  If I could eat them all day, every day, I would.  This recipe is for a Chicken and Dumplings casserole.  No messy dumpling making!  Could it be that easy?  We shall soon find out.


Melted Butter first

Chicken next.  I shredded all of the breast meat from the rotisserie chicken in the ingredients picture.

Flour mixture

And Finally, soup mixture



I don’t know what happened, but it took about an hour to get that browning on the top.  It kind of overcooked the bottom of the pan at the same time.  Does it taste like chicken and dumplings?  No.  Was it good?  Yes!  It was very simple to make.  It tasted like my version of chicken and dumplings that I make with bisquick dumplings… know, without the dumplings.  Same ingredients, same taste 🙂  I wonder if my problems are related to my oven.  I always have issues with my oven.  I can’t wait to move…..

Regardless, it was a poor pick for a summer evening in the south, but a good, easy choice for a weeknight.


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