Almost failed on day 2

Wanna talk about going on the edge?  I made a recipe with COOKED CABBAGE *GASP*.  I could eat coleslaw all day, but not a huge cooked cabbage person.  I decided to take a chance on this recipe.  I am sure you are wondering how I almost failed, not to worry, I am getting to that 🙂

Ingredients – I forgot to include the butter

Cooked noodles.  It was here you were supposed to reserve some pasta water.  I forgot, so I went searching for something.  I almost used some chicken broth in the freezer……waaaaait, that’s not vegetarian.  CRAP!  I didn’t have any wine or vegetable broth.  I just ended up using some plain water.

Food processor?  We don’t need no stinking food processor!!

Cooking the breadcrumbs

Heating the oil.  It was at this point I thought “Crap!  I still need to slice the veggies!!”

I only used half the cabbage – can you blame me?

It did shrink quite a bit.  This is the point that you need to use the reserved pasta water to deglaze the pan, except if you are me 🙂

Ready to mix

FINALLY!  Feed time!!


The white spots on the last picture is just parmesan cheese.  Because, if you’re like me, and you go looking for chicken broth in the freezer, you will also leave the cheese in there to get partially frozen.  I also overcooked the noodles a but.  I think it needs to be shocked to stop them from cooking.  It actually worked out because, as I have said, I suck at mixing pasta, but it kept breaking.  I was pleasantly surprise, I really like this.  The onions were so sweet.  I used vidalia instead of the yellow in the original recipe.  I also use some buckwheat noodles instead of the whole wheat pasta.  I thought “sauteed cabbage, sauteed onion.  Japanese noodles!!”  You made the same connection, right?  Right?  Aww…….


PS – yes, I know this isn’t on the schedule, but instead of subjecting you to a month a vegetarian recipes, I figured I would just post a bunch this week.  Also to make up for missing last Thursday 😉


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