Overnight oatmeal

I am always looking for ways to have oatmeal.  Why?  Because I know they are good for you and filling.  The problem?  I hate the traditional preparation of them.  I decided to try this very simple overnight oats recipe.  Basically, you soak the oats in milk and you put whatever you want on top of it.

Ingredients – I was planning on using cocoa roasted almonds, but then I saw these and thought it would go better and not get overwhelmed with chocolate.

Mix the milk and oats – Don’t worry, the liquid gets absorbed as they soak

Prepare the toppings.  The original recipe had the toppings already mixed in the oatmeal, but…..wet nuts, yech.  I smooshed the nuts and then added some chocolate chips

This is what it looked like two days later.

I added the toppings and mixed up.

It was very filling, but just not my thing.  I remember doing this with yogurt and I think I may have liked it better.  There was just something missing.  I felt like I needed crunchy something afterwards, but I really didn’t have any room.  Now, I have all this chocolate milk I have to find SOMETHING to do with 😉


(PS – sorry for the late posting.  Thought I published yesterday :oops:)


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