Bagel Sandwich

The worst thing about going veggie is that I immediately wanted a sandwich.  Do you know how hard that is to do when you aren’t eating meat?  Luckily, I had squirreled this recipe away for just this time.  It’s not really a recipe per say, but it helps to formulate a sandwich that you wouldn’t normally think of.  There are better pictures on the site, but I did take some of my own

Ingredients – I used some different cheese because this is what I had.  I also didn’t use the green onions because I forgot to write that ingredient down.  And minus tomatoes.  I just don’t like those ones 🙂

Cut up your ingredients and get them ready to go while the bagel is toasting.  I didn’t use as much cream cheese as the original because 4 ounces for 1 sandwich seemed like a lot

Start layering
VBS_Layer1_2 VBS_Layer3 VBS_Layer4 VBS_Layer5 VBS_Layer6 VBS_Layer7

Cut in half and enjoy

….well, enjoy if you like avocados.  I figured I would give them a try because a couple days previous, I had some guacamole and I enjoyed it.  This time, I remember why I don’t like them.  I think they taste like dirt.  I immediately took them off my sandwich and continued eating.  It was a very flavorful sandwich even without the green onions.  I ended up having it a couple more times.  Now, I don’t know what to do with the avocado, but I think it has been in my fridge too long.  Ah well, at least it was only a dollar.

It’s Sunday – one week from the start of my veggie week.  I mostly did ok, but I didn’t get to make one recipe that I really wanted to (coming later).  The only hiccup was the day that everyone on my team decided to go to lunch together since one was getting married and going to be gone for a month.  I figured we would go somewhere that had vegetarian options, but noooooooo, they decided on a steakhouse.  I mean REALLY??  Instead of getting soup and salad, I just buckled and had some steak.  In my defense, at least I only got a half a steak sandwich and a salad.

I think I am going to extend the veggie diet for a few more days with a couple changes.  For breakfast tomorrow, I want some scrambled eggs and I like them with cheese and, you guessed it, meat.  I have some turkey sausage that I will use for that.  Also, I have a recipe for a frittata that I want to try.  It has some bacon in it, so I will be having that all week – just a little meat.  For lunch and dinner, I will stick to vegetarian.  I have a few more recipes I want to try 🙂  Then Saturday – back to normal!!  Chicken and mac and cheese planned – woo!


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