Enchilada Pasta Casserole

Because I can’t get enough baking in the southern heat, I decided to make this recipe.  I was originally going to make chicken with mac and cheese, but I didn’t have the ingredients I needed in the house.  Since I am being QUITE lazy today, I needed something else today.  Something easy and this just fit the bill.

Ingredients – I used just some taco seasoning instead of the three listed in the recipe (did I mention I was lazy?).  I also had to measure the ground beef after it was cooked because it was frozen.  I didn’t want to wait for it to thaw, so I threw it in the pan (see a pattern?).

About to mix everything.  There are no pictures after mixing, because I am telling you – it is GROSS looking.  I am not saying it tastes gross, but is not a photogenic bowl.

Ready to be baked


It didn’t look anything like the picture from the website when I served my plate


It was a simple, easy dish.  I, of course, forgot the salt and that was a notable missing element.  It would definitely be better with that element.  It isn’t a bad recipe, but it isn’t something I would see myself making often.  Maybe it was because I used taco seasoning instead of the listed seasonings, but it just didn’t make me sit up and notice.


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