Spicy Chicken Rub

I saved this recipe mostly for the shape of the chicken in it.  Chicken Rings – whaaaaat?  I was decidedly lazy and didn’t actually make the rings.  I was so surprised by how much I LOVED the seasoning mix, that I had to make a single post for it instead of tacking it on to the one where the side was made.

Seasonings.  I swapped the Lemon Pepper for Shallot Pepper.  I am not a huge fan of lemon pepper and thought it might be good.

All measured out (Can you tell what is what?  lol)

Chicken skewered

Can you tell why I couldn’t cook it like this?  The sticks were over the lip of the grill pan – no heat getting to the ends of the chicken pieces.

I moved them this way instead.  Better, but not great.  I still ended up having to take them off the sticks – sad face

Done up close

Zoomed out a bit

When I was cooking this, it kind of smelled like Indian food.  I could not believe how good it was.  I am considering mixing some up so I can have it on hand at all times.  I might cut the salt down a bit, though, but I am afraid it will thrown off the balance.  If you like tasty spicy, but not burn your mouth spicy, make this.  I think you would be able to control it with the type of Chili Powder used.  I don’t know the difference of the sweet paprika vs smoky paprika, so that might be something that controls the heat, too.  I liked it with the sweet paprika just fine.  This is a HIGHLY recommended blend.  All I know is that I want to go back and finish all of the chicken, but I want it in a salad tomorrow for lunch more.  Can you imagine?  A salad topped with spicy chicken and ranch……maybe I will have it now 🙂


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