Cooky Pleasing Chicken

Some people just slay me.  This is a very popular recipe on Pinterest.  I pinned it because it looked really good.  I went to the site and started to read through the comments and did so many facepalms that I think I broke my nose.  People complaining because they don’t like mustard and syrup, but still made the recipe – look at the MAIN two ingredients!?!  Seriously???  Ugh.  Someone else complained because it was called “Man-Pleasing Chicken”.  OMG – just be thankful she posted the recipe in the first place!!

Ok, rant over.

I am not the biggest fan of mustard and syrup, but I do have a few recipes that use dijon mustard and I really like them.  I figured I would give it a try.  I don’t eat thighs, so I used breasts.

Ingredients.  Seriously, this is it.  Plus your chicken

Mix it up (forgot to take a picture mixed)

Pour it over your chicken

and Bake!  That’s it!  Pretty simple.

Seriously, though, why do my finished dishes NEVER look like the ones posted??  *SIGH*

I think I could add another chicken breast to this and still be fine.  That middle space?  Empty.  I cooked it for about 45 minutes because I was trying to get the yummy brown bits on the original picture.  No such luck.  I over cooked a bit, but that was my fault.  It would be fine probably at 30 or 40 minutes.

Regardless, it still tasted really good.  It smelled strongly of mustard, but didn’t taste only of that.  It was a bit tangy and a bit sweet.  I forgot to use some sauce on the plated dinner, but I stored the cooked chicken in it for leftovers.  It was so simple that I would definitely make this again.  I think would would also be good as a marinade for grilling.  Marinade over night, then grill and baste.

Dinner all plated.  Pilaf from Near East and a small Caesar salad.  Looking forward to lunch tomorrow 🙂


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