Meatless burger….yea

I have been looking for a quick burger option that I can replace fast food burgers with.  The only thing is that they are high in calories and fat and uber expensive.  Seriously, these things come in a dozen or so.  If you hate them, you are stuck eating them for a LONG time.  I looked into the fake meat ones, but I always worried about the taste and texture.  I decided to jump and got MorningStar Farms Grillers Prime for my dinner.

The box! (Exciting right?)


The burger still frozen.  There are only 4 in the box and they are wrapped in pairs, because you have to cook more than one at a time.


I’m a rebel!  I only cooked one!  Muahaha!  *Ahem*
This is after cooking 7.5 minutes.  See, I read the box wrong and didn’t realize you had to flip it over halfway through.  This IS the cooked side, though.  I did notice one thing about the burger.  It was very greasy.  Apparently meat-like = greasy.


All dressed up for my mouth.  I also had onions and ketchup under the lettuce there.  Ritz sour cream and onion cracker chips on the side

The taste itself was actually not bad.  I knew it wasn’t a real burger, but didn’t care.  It did, kind of, get lost in the bun and toppings though.  I could detect a slight crunchiness to the patty when I bit in at first.  The further in I got, the less crunchy it was.  I could definitely tell from the texture that it wasn’t a burger.  It is a recognizable texture that I used to get form the spicy chicken patties they no longer make (or that was Boca, I can’t remember).  I have 4 more burgers to eat and I am going to try cooking them in the Griddler and toaster oven, too.  But, based on this experience, I don’t think I would buy them again


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