Easy Spicy Chicken

When I was looking through this recipe, I clicked on the link and scanned the Baked Sweet and Sour chicken.  I assumed the that they would be oven baked chicken.  I should have read both the recipes more thoroughly.  The chicken was still fried on the stove and then baked for an hour.  Not something that I can conceivably do after work during the week.


All mixed up in a glass measuring cup – because I am cool like that

Confession time.  I did the above a few days ago, before I realized that the chicken I was going to use went bad.  No biggie, I just threw it in the fridge.  I cut up two chicken breasts (about a pound), nuked the sauce and poured it over the chicken.  I baked it in the oven at about 350-375 (how ever my oven was feeling today).

This is it after 15 minutes.  I stirred it and put it back in for another 15 minutes

After another 15

And this was my dinner

As you can see, the sauce was thin.  At first, I wasn’t a fan, but the more I ate it, the more I liked it.  I think there is a little off about the ratios.  I could taste the wing sauce more than anything.  Maybe a little more vinegar or sugar.  Maybe cut down on the sauce.  I do think that the next time, I will be making it in a pot on the stove and letting it thicken up some more before adding it to the chicken.

It is worth making again.  With the changes I made, it only took a half hour to cook.  The sauce was simple to make, too.  This could very easily be a weeknight dinner.  The original post is correct – it is not as spicy as you would thing.  There was no lasting heat, just a hint of it.



Queso Pasta Bake

Queso Pasta Bake really means cheese sauce and more cheese on top!  This is basically a beefed up mac and cheese recipe – literally – it has beef in it 🙂  I am a sucker for pasta dishes.

Ingredients.  It looks like a lot, but it really is an easy dish to make

Beef and tomatoes all cooked up and ready to be mixed

Cheese Sauce (I was gonna show you the pasta next, but who wants to see plain cooked pasta?  Although, it is curly pasta which is always fun.

All mixed up and ready for more cheese!

Cheeese!  Or should I say Queeeeso!

All baked and lovely

This made 8 HUGE servings for me.  So large, I am contemplating giving some servings away.  I liked this.  It isn’t as cheesy as a normal mac and cheese, but it is definitely in there.  I think it could use a little more seasoning, though.  It has a tablespoon of cumin and I added who knows how much garlic, but I still couldn’t taste any of it.  The salsa and rotel contribute some flavor, so it isn’t bland.  Next time, I am going to add some spice and maybe do the cheese sauce at 1.5 recipe.  Using both the rotel and salsa adds a few too many tomatoes for me.  Just one would suffice.  I would probably go for the salsa before the rotel next time because I always have it in my fridge and it has more ingredients than the rotel.  Definitely looking forward to making this again.

Just whipping it up

It’s not what you think.  I am not whipping anything….or anyone (wink, wink).  I bought a pizza crust from the store (will I never learn?)  I was too lazy to actually make a pizza, but I thought maybe calzones or breakfast pies.  Yea……that didn’t work.  I think it still worked out, though


Separating the dough

This is the point that I got annoyed with trying to roll out the dough big enough to make a decent sized pie/calzone.  I had a thought and decided to put the dough in an individual ramekins.  I thought INDIVIDUAL DEEP DISH PIZZAS!!  Woot!

The dough didn’t quite stretch enough, but I still went with it.  I layered sausage and cheese to be under the sauce – cause you know, deep dish = sauce on top

This was the point that I realized there was NO WAY I had enough sauce to make all 6 pizzas.  I had a brainstorm and thought “Hmmm.  Breakfast pizzas”.  See the sad sauce on the right side?  Yea.  Obviously the left is the egg one

It was also at this point that I realized that I didn’t have enough eggs to make more than 2 pizza.  Le sigh.

Here they are baked.  Two of each.  I have two ramekins with dough, sausage and cheese in them and nothing else.  I am still deciding if I want to make them into eggs or pizzas

I haven’t had the breakfast ones, yet.  I am saving them for work for the week.  I DID have the sausage pizza, though.  It was pretty good.  Not as filling as I had hoped, but I think I can add some vegetables to make it more filling.  Peppers and onions would be good with sausage.  Maybe I need more cheese.  Ooooh, chicken and BBQ sauce pizza.

I like the idea of the individual deep dish pizzas, though.  I am going to definitely be trying this again.  Most likely with a different dough and NOT store bought.  I may use the dough from the original deep dish recipe I have one here.  I wonder if I can stretch that to 6 servings.  I will update you on my success/failures – lol 🙂