Biscuit Pizza

I bought some buttermilk for a recipe that I never got around to making.  I never made it, but still had a bunch of buttermilk that I needed to use.  I came across this recipe a long time ago and decided to make it.  It was very simple to make and didn’t really take much time, but I was not a fan.  That will come later.  First – the pictures


Dough all mixed up

This is how I rolled it out without throwing it across the room.  Parchment on the bottom to make it easier to transfer to the baking sheet.  I used wax paper on top so I could roll it out without it sticking to the rolling pin.  The towel is to keep it from moving all over the place.  It worked pretty well.

I still used my fingers to make it bigger, though

Now, start layering



Baked.  It looks over done, but for some reason my cheese always does that when it is on pizza

So, back to the reasons I wouldn’t make it again.  It seemed a bit salty and it didn’t have the structure that I look for in a pizza dough.  I kept thinking it was going to break when I tried to eat it.  I didn’t really like the seasonings in the crust.  I probably would have preferred it to only have garlic.  I just don’t think biscuit dough is good for pizza.


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