Twice Baked Potatoes

I have never made these before, but I love them.  I stupidly decided to make these on a weeknight.  I was so hungry when I finally got to eat, I am not quite sure I remembered to chew – lol.

Ingredients.  I didn’t have any shallots, but I did have the freeze dried ones, so I went with that.

Hallowed out potato skins.  I used a combination of a spoon and a melon baller to get as much potatoey goodness out as I could

Filling all mixed up

Used that to fill the potatoes while giggling since one potato had a crack in it and continuously made fart noises.  Yes, I am an adult, why do you ask?

I went back over them and filled them even more with the filling that was left, then topped with the little pile of cheese and bacon there.  Why was there a little pile of cheese and bacon?  Because I didn’t follow the recipe exactly and thought the bacon went into the filling with the cheese.  Nope


These were so good.  Here’s a little cross cut action for you.  Can you see where the potato ends and the filling begins?  I have dreams about that now

I loved these.  Definitely not effortless, probably better made on a weekend when you have time, but definitely worth being made.  They were so filling, that one of them was good enough for a meal.  I even had some for breakfast.  If you think about it, all that’s missing is eggs – it has potatoes, cheese and bacon.  Sounds like a perfect fit to me!


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