Love in a skillet

Or Skillet Lasagna.  Same thing.  This was perfect on a grey day.  All I was missing was some crusty bread and butter.  And maybe a dog…..or a fireplace….even a boyfriend…..I need someone to do the dishes, silly

Ingredients.  I made a couple changes.  I used Turkey sausage instead of regular.  I have tried this before and it failed miserably, but in here, it worked.  I also just used regular tomato sauce instead of diced tomatoes.  I am not a huge fan of chunky tomatoes and I forgot to get them the three times I went to the store.  I figured that was a sign and just used what I had on hand.  The original recipe used cottage cheese, but I didn’t want my grandmother to come haunt me, so I stuck with the ricotta.  One last thing – that onion?  Yea, I didn’t use it.  I cut it and the middle was ooky.  I used a slightly bigger one

after cooking the onion and the sausage, you are supposed to put in the other seasonings, then the noodles, then the sauce and water.  Yea, I got it backwards.  Damn noodles were on top.

Still worked though 🙂

Three kinds of cheesey goodness!

This was graat.  Even with the mix up with the noodles, it worked perfectly.  I also used a vidalia onion instead of yellow because that’s what I had.  It didn’t seem to make much difference.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell it was in there.  I cut the parmesan cheese to only about 1/4 cup because I knew it would be WAY to much if I used a cup.  I love parm, but it is just so strong.  I didn’t want to overpower the whole dish.  I get little tastes of it through out the bowl which is perfect for me.  I can’t wait to try this with another type of noodle.  I did like the lasagna sheets, but they were a but unruly to try and stir when they were still hard.  Plus, it’s just not a noodle I have on hand very often (why do I keep spelling it noddle and firefox thinks this is an actual word??).  I think it will work as long as you don’t use the tiny pasta shapes.  Ziti would be good, but orzo would not work in my opinion.


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