Chocolate Chip Pumpkin “Bread”

I have a confession.  I was going to post this today after taking in one loaf into work and letting you know how everyone liked it.  Sadly, I forgot to bring it into the office (facepalm).  Rather than wait another day, I figured I would just go ahead and post it.

I got it out of the King Arthur baking cookbook after eating some my old boss brought into the office a while ago.  I found it online here, too.  I don’t really count this as a bread.  It is more like cake to me, hence the quotes in the title


“Creaming” the butter and oil.  I am not sure how they get away from telling you to cream oil and sugar.  I guess it would work with shortening, but it does NOT work with oil.  If you decide to use oil, don’t spend too much time trying to cream it.  This is as close as I got and it started to separate soon after the picture was taken.

Add in all the liquid ingredients.  Well, it didn’t add the vanilla here, but with the dry ingredients.  That REALLY didn’t make sense to me, so I added it here.  I didn’t measure, I never do.  I love vanilla and think if there is extra, it’s a bonus.
This was also the point that I realized I should have used a bigger bowl…’lll see.  And, I switched to old school using a whisk.  It really spatters up at you.

Everything all mixed….see?  Juuuuust fit.  Also, don’t add more than one cup at a time.  It will take forever to mix it all in.

I forgot to take a picture before baking, but here are the glorious baked loaves.  Oh – see that little salt shaker?  Yea, I forgot to add it.  Don’t do that.  If you do – add some butter after you slice it.  Perfect excuse.

I love this recipe, but I always have to make sure that I have a friend to pawn one off on.  I am also taking the other one to work to share.  Can you guess which one went to the friend and the one that went to the office?  😉

Edit to add:  I think this is a record.  The loaf was gone in just about a half hour!!  I think I am going to have to take both loaves with me next time!