Planning an Apartment Warming Party – Food

After setting the date, time, and sending the invites, the next logical step is FOOD!  Am I right?  Hello?  😉

I set the time of the party at 8pm so Bunny and I could still spend time at the beach during her trip.  This narrows down the options of what to serve considerably – appetizer food.  I wanted some things that could sit at room temperature for a while and still be ok.  I didn’t want all meat, but I didn’t want all vegetarian, either.  Another item to take into consideration is cooking the food.  I wanted things that I could potentially prepare up to two days in advance (before Bunny arrived in town).  I also wanted to make sure that Bunny was ok with all the foods.  After all, she would be eating the leftovers 🙂

My go to appetizer that I bring EVERY where and EVERYONE loves is veggie dip.  That is definitely on the list.  I think some people RSVP’d Yes after I posted the menu just because it was listed – lol.  I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone not like it.  It’s like delicious crack.  Surprisingly healthy delicious crack.  I also have a tasty taco dip recipe that I have been devouring for months.  That was definitely in.  Both of those could be made ahead of time with no problem.

Now, the meat ones.  I picked two out that I have been meaning to try, sweet and tangy meatballs and pineapple, shrimp and bacon skewers, but quickly saw some issues.  I am confident the shrimp would be fine, but it would have to be made between arriving home from the beach and the party.  Will we have enough time?  I mean we can clean the shrimp, cut the bacon and pineapple before, but that’s about it.  I don’t want either of us to be in the kitchen prepping or cooking when people start arriving.  The meatballs have a vague ingredient of “chili sauce”.  Um, ok,?  It’s by the ketchup?  Ok, I’ve never used this condiment ever.  How spicy is it?

I set to pinterest to search again.  I think bacon wrapped shrimp is good, the pineapple was the problem.  It hit me.  What if I just served the pineapple on the side?   I could prep everything and cook the pineapple on the grill pan in the kitchen and cut up.  That way, all the elements of the dish are there, but we don’t have to worry about wrapping everything and getting it on the skewer.  If the sauce isn’t good, I can simply have bacon wrapped shrimp!

Now the meatballs.  You know, I decided I am going to chance it.  There are so many pages out there with this recipe on it, how can they all be wrong?  It’s not like the internet is ever wrong.  I mean, what about all the people that say mashed cauliflower “tastes just like mashed potatoes”……wait……..never mind.  😛

One more thing that I have decided to definitely have – home made chex mix.  I have never made chex mix, but I had the thought that someone might just want a nibble, you know?  Something to pop in their mouth as they sip and talk.  Something that doesn’t necessarily need a plate.

What about dessert?  Should there even be a dessert or am I just going overboard?  I have no idea.  I am still on the fence for this one.  I could do anything from just grabbing a bunch on single serving haagen dazs and edy’s (they are on sale this week 🙂 ).  Or I might make this extravagant bar recipe I found.  It can be made ahead, but it is still a lot of work.  Maybe I could even just make a quickie ice cream cake.  I just don’t know yet.

One last note is be aware of food allergies/food preferences.  Unknown to me, a guest doesn’t eat pork.  Solution?  Make some of the shrimp without bacon.  I still need to ask about nuts for the chex mix, but I am almost positive everyone else eats everything 🙂


Disclaimer:  I was coming up with the ideas for the food as I was writing the post 🙂  Real time writing!!


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