Planning an Apartment Warming Party – Drinks

Second only to food in any party is the drinks.  Around here, we always do BYOB – bring your own booze.  Whether it be beer, wine, or liquor, it is up to you to supply what you want to drink unless otherwise specified.  It makes it so much easier on the host.  Especially one that doesn’t drink any beer and would have NO idea what to buy (me).  This party stemmed from the idea from a friend for a bottle party.  Basically, I am making my friends fill up my liquor cabinet 🙂

Just because it is BYOB, doesn’t mean there is nothing for the host to supply.  For mine, since it is centered around liquor, I am providing mixers for all: Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice and water.  These are also all good options to have for those choosing not to drink – we don’t want them to feel left out.  I am also contemplating grabbing a couple bottles of wine.  I haven’t really decided on that part, yet.  I will have two coolers of ice.  If cans or bottles of the mixers are used, one cooler can be used for them.  The second cooler can be used just for ice.  I probably won’t fill them at all until the guests start arriving.  No point in letting the ice sit there and melt before anyone gets there.

I saw an idea somewhere in my travels online for a “signature” drink for the party.  I actually really like this idea.  It is a great back up in case everyone brings the same bottle or only 5 people show up – lol.  I decided on a bourbon drink, since that is what I enjoy and the party is for me 😛 .  Again, I wanted something that could be prepared in advance.  I was thinking of having a pitcher, then people could just pour themselves a glass over ice.  I stumbled across this one from smitten kitchen and loved it, but it was a frozen drink recipe.  This is why you read the whole thing…….the drink part could be made in advance!!  AND you could make it one drink at a time!!  WOO!  It will be a bit of work to use the blender to make each, but worth it.  It makes 8 drinks, so I may double it.  If it doesn’t all get drank, it will still keep and not be watered down.  Genius, right?

The last thing to think about with the drinks is the location of the drink station.
Option One: The built in computer desk (or a folding table set up away from the food) in my apartment is an idea.  It is located by the food, but separate from it.  It is big enough to house all of the items needed for drinks.  This idea would be best if there are no frozen drinks or drinks needing to be shaken and not stirred

Option Two: Use the section of counter by the sink.  The open kitchen design allows people to still interact while fixing drinks and be out of the way of the food line completely.  This way, if there is a high probability of frozen or shaken drinks, everything is right by the sink and can be rinsed out easily.  I would put the coolers on the other side of the kitchen just to make the counter and sink more accessible.  If the kitchen wasn’t an open design, this wouldn’t be an option for me for a party like this.  A cook-out or just having a few people over for drinks?  That would be ok.

I just came up with the kitchen idea/reasoning, so I am not sure where I am going to be having the drinks.  I was really set on Option One.  I thought it was perfect – ingenious even.  Until I started thinking about frozen or shaken drinks.  How much would it suck to have to walk between the booze to the blender and rinse then possibly back to the mixers.  Or booze and shaker to the sink back to the mixers with a dripping shaker.  I probably won’t decide until the day of the party, cause I am crazy like that 🙂


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