Planning an Apartment Warming Party – Decor

The last thing to decide on is how you are going to decorate the apartment.  Is it going to be simple?  Is there a theme that you have with your food that you want the decor to go along with?  I definitely went with the simple theme.  I didn’t want any one to worry about how to dress and I didn’t want to worry about spending too much money to decorate.  I decided on a few key things, so this is going to be a short post 🙂

I saw a pin on pinterest that said if you put wax on a tea light, you can turn it into a cheap floating candle that will last for 2 hours.  I tried it.  It lasts for an hour.  Plenty of time.  I can just replace them as they burn out.  Simple enough.  I am going to do two bowls with water and my rigged tealights with spares around.  If they go out completely, oh well.  It’s not formal.

Long ago, I won a Fuji Instamax camera from the good ol Pioneer Woman.  It came with 2 packs of 50 instant picture film.  Well, of course, I took it to the bar and snapped away.  100 pictures on two different dates.  *SIGH*  If I had gotten off my booty and planned better, I would have bought some film and left the camera out for people to take pictures.  Instead, I am going to leave out my digital camera and see if the same thing happens.  I digress!  From the pictures, I chose about 15-20, hung them on some hemp and put them in the hallway on the way to the spare bathroom.  Some more went into a frame so that one blank spot on the wall isn’t so…….bare.

Other than that, I did something I had never done in any apartment I lived in…….I decorated.  I mean, I put things in frames and hung them on the wall.  Crazy, right?  I had some pre-framed stuff from the old place that I was kind of done with.  Out came the digital pictures and I created a couple collages on, printed them out and voila!  Instant fun for every one 🙂

See?  Simple.  No big pressure on me or the guests.  No “dinner party” propriety that has to be followed.  Just a bunch of friends hanging out.  I will post some photos of everything after the party 🙂

Have a good weekend!!



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