Apartment Warming – Day Of

On the day of the party, I was up uber early.  I cleaned the shrimp and started getting the sauce ready for the meatballs.  I finally got Bunny up and we wrapped the shrimp, set up the taco cups and cut up the veggies for the dip.  I think we made like 3 extra trips to the store because I kept forgetting things :/  I decided against the Chex Mix and instead of the teriyaki sauce I used BBQ sauce on the shrimp.  We also decided to just make a fruit salad instead of grilling the pineapple.  I had some cherries and watermelon to add in with the pineapple and called it good.

We got it all set up and all there was left to do was wait.

A few shots of the place


Bar set up (most important)

Food set up

Candy set up

Bar being properly used – Baby Guiness Shots!!

There were about 8 people total that showed up.  Oddly enough, only one person that had originally answered Yes to the RSVP showed up. 2 Changed theirs late in the week after talking to me and the rest?  Nothing.  There was even one that left it on Maybe and posted pictures of a family reunion.  Now you KNOW you aren’t going to come if there is a freaking out of town reunion!!!  Why not just say that at the get go??  It really pisses me off.  One thing is for sure, the next invite list is going to be considerably smaller, that’s for sure.

The ones that did show up all seemed to have fun – and you can see they really helped fill my bar!!

The food went over well – for the people that actually ate it – lol.  The shrimp and meatballs were fantastic.  The taco dip was good as always, but only one was eaten and I was left with 11 to eat myself.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to eat them all.  I am still working on the Vegetable Dip, but that lasts a lot longer than everything else.  If the veggies are still good and the mayo or sour cream hasn’t expired yet, I call it good.  I am going to try and finish it off within the next week, though.

Hope you enjoyed my little series into the adventure of party hosting 🙂