Online Cooking School – Caramelized Onions

The Kitchn is offering an online 20 day (FREE) cooking course.  Of course, I signed up for it.  The first class was yesterday and focused on knife skills.  Today was onions and garlic.  One of the homework options was making caramelized onions.  Since I have never made it, I decided to go with that one 🙂

I started off with some normal yellow onions and sliced them

All in the pan and I checked them at 10 minute intervals.

It is supposed to take about an hour to make them, but, for me, it took a bit longer.  I don’t know if the onions were too thick or if the heat was too low, but I had nowhere to go, so it wasn’t a big deal too me.  One thing I do agree with is that you cannot rush the procedure.  If you try to rush the process, I don’t think it would turn out very well.

I made a collage for you of all the cooking snaps I took

Last two ingredients were salt and a liquid for deglazing the pan.  I chose Balsamic Vinegar this time.  I think next time, I will use chicken broth.  Th ingredient list showed 2 tbsp, but the actual recipe said 1/4 cup.  I poured it into a measuring cup and added slowly.  It actually ended up being 2 tbsp before I decided to stop.  Taste and salt accordingly.

Finished product

I am still trying to figure out what to do with them.  Maybe some potatoes or a tart or quiche of some sort     .  If I don’t use it, everything I read says that they will freeze well, so there is nothing to worry about if I can’t find anything right away.  Of course my boyfriend has now graciously offered to take them off my hands if I need – lol