Biscuit Pizza

I bought some buttermilk for a recipe that I never got around to making.  I never made it, but still had a bunch of buttermilk that I needed to use.  I came across this recipe a long time ago and decided to make it.  It was very simple to make and didn’t really take much time, but I was not a fan.  That will come later.  First – the pictures


Dough all mixed up

This is how I rolled it out without throwing it across the room.  Parchment on the bottom to make it easier to transfer to the baking sheet.  I used wax paper on top so I could roll it out without it sticking to the rolling pin.  The towel is to keep it from moving all over the place.  It worked pretty well.

I still used my fingers to make it bigger, though

Now, start layering



Baked.  It looks over done, but for some reason my cheese always does that when it is on pizza

So, back to the reasons I wouldn’t make it again.  It seemed a bit salty and it didn’t have the structure that I look for in a pizza dough.  I kept thinking it was going to break when I tried to eat it.  I didn’t really like the seasonings in the crust.  I probably would have preferred it to only have garlic.  I just don’t think biscuit dough is good for pizza.


Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

I was on the look out for some garlic biscuits a la Red Lobster – honestly, the only thing I like at that restaurant (I think I am spoiled living so close to the coast) and I found a couple.  This one won out because it was the easiest and I wasn’t feeling very good.  I was kind of iffy about the biscuit mix, but I was really pleased with the results.

Ingredients – I accidentally measured more milk than was needed (3/4 cup vs 2/3 cup).  It didn’t seem like a large difference when looking in the glass measuring cup.

Which was good because I forgot to fix the measurement when I combined everything

I forgot to take a picture before I put the biscuits in the oven, but you can see here that I got 11 biscuits instead of the original post’s 15.  I assume this is because I made my biscuits pretty big.

I brushed with the butter, salt, garlic and oregano.  I don’t own garlic salt, so I just added 1/4 tsp garlic powder and 1/8 tsp salt to the butter.  You can see on the biscuits below, I obviously limited the oregano on the biscuits themselves.  2 tsps seemed like way too much.  When I make these again, I will probably add a quarter of that or just skip it all together

These were so good.  I was really happy with the outcome.  They were so simple, they probably only took about 5 minutes to put all together.  If you shred your own cheese, it will take some more time, of course.  I may try that next time.  I also upped the garlic powder in the mix itself, but I am a garlic FREAK!  I love garlic.  I do believe there is a thing as too much, but it takes A LOT of garlic to get to that point :).  Try these soon!  You will thank yourself.


Pizza and the continuing dough issues

I don’t know why I continue to try and make things like pizza dough when I always have so much trouble with it, but I did and it wasn’t a happy experience again.  I got the recipe from a link on a blog I follow (I am sure you can tell that I follow many 🙂 )


All kneaded.  I had issues just with kneading the dough – no matter how much flour I added, it stuck all over the place.  I put it in the fridge since I wasn’t going to be making it the same day.

I finally got around to it about three days later.  I took some parchment paper and tried to stretch it out.  I didn’t get very far.  It all stuck to me, it kept bouncing back no matter how long I waited.  I finally gave up.  They don’t look very big to me and I was disappointed in the sizes.

I made two types: Pepperoni

And Taco

I prefer the meat under the cheese when I am making pizza.  for some reason, it seems to work better for me.

I don’t have a pizza stone, so I just baked these on a cookie sheet.  I didn’t take the parchment paper off halfway and I don’t think I would have been able to.  When I took them out and tried to remove the paper, it stuck.  Seriously?  I was so annoyed.  I did bake them a minute or two too long – it really wasn’t as bad as it looks – I promise 🙂

Inner is pepperoni and outer is taco – I swear, it looks worse than it tasted.  It really wasn’t burnt at all

Well, cooking on a baking sheet made the bottom kind of not a not cooked feel – it’s hard to describe.  Since the dough kept shrinking, there were folds all over the place on the bottom.  It was surprisingly salty, too.  I don’t know what happened with that.  The texture was ok, but all the other problems I had doesn’t really inspire me to make this again.  It wasn’t blow me away or close enough to want to go through all the frustration again.

I think I may have to abandon the attempts to make homemade pizza.  It only remotely worked once and that time, the dough didn’t have enough salt (facepalm).  Also, sorry about the dark pictures – I finally took the plastic off my view screen on my camera and it makes everything look so much brighter until I get it into the photo viewer.  I should have left the plastic on, apparently – lol


Homemade Wrap

There are times I go indulge at the local watering hole. The menu isn’t bad, a few great dishes, mostly bar food – but can you say expensive? Recently, I had one of their chicken bacon ranch wraps. I can’t stop thinking about it. BUT I may have found a damn good replacement. It does involve making the actual wraps though. I got this out of the King Arthur cookbook. They call them Picnic Wraps. I guess you need to take them on a picnic? Seems kind of cold for that, so I improvised and sat in front of my tv 😀  I found them online, too – here.  Obviously, I didn’t use their filling.  Olives are gross 😛

Ingredients. Yes, I know it’s sparse. Are you worried? I sure as hell was.

Dough worked and separated. Can you count? I apparently cannot. The recipe should make 8 wraps, but I couldn’t count, so I only made 6. Honestly, I am glad about that – you will see later.

The first one rolled out. I never used my silicone thing and since I got annoyed at my plastic dough thingy and threw it away, I figured I would try this. It worked wonderfully. I can tell you that I don’t do well with having to roll dough out in a circle. Of all six, I don’t think one ended up circlish.

First one done. When I first put this in the pan, I touched it and it stuck. I got chill down my back as I imagined the horrors that awaited when I couldn’t get it off.  What I was going to do with the ruined dough and how I was going to clean the pan. As you can see, it did NOT stick. I just had to be patient. We know how good I am at that. I actually turned up the heat at one point, but that was a mistake because they were burning a bit.

I took one, put some leftover chicken on it, some bacon that I had cooked and some ranch dressing. I tested at this point and the wrap held tight – no breaking, flaking or any other integrity issues.

Added the lettuce. Sighed and realized that my wrap was going to be a huge chicken bacon taco instead.

I actually managed to kind of fold up the bottom so it resembled a wrap like thing. There was no way I could put it down to take a picture, though. I served it with a salad that I never ate at lunch. Well, most of a salad. That’s where the lettuce came from in the wrap 😀

I will definitely make these again. I was concerned that they would taste like funky flour, but they didn’t. They had a very light flavor, perfectly chewy. I had an idea to throw in some garlic and use them for thin crust pizzas. Oooooh, they would be good for a breakfast wrap, too. I am also planning on making a garlicky shrimp recipe and I am replacing normal bread, with some of this.  I am hoping it will kind of be like when you eat Indian food with a Naan, but thinner.

Um, just so you know, the plastic dough thingy is the harder plastic thing that you put on the counter and roll and knead dough on. I don’t know the official name though 🙂

English Muffin Bread

I made this bread recipe twice before. The first time, fantastic. Second time, crappy (my fault). This time, it was good again. I am still trying to use the whole wheat flour, so I threw a cup of that in instead of using all white flour. It seemed like the only difference is that there weren’t as many nooks and crannies that I remember from the first time.  Although, I wonder if I am imagining all the nooks and crannies.  It’s been so long since I first made it


First mixing

Final mixing

In the pan for the rise

Picture where the risen bread was supposed to be (facepalm)


The addition of the whole wheat flour wasn’t bad at all. The bread tasted good. When I toasted it, the edges were wonderfully crunchy and the inside soft. It didn’t have any bitter flavor like the other whole wheat loaf I made. It is probably because I didn’t use ALL whole wheat flour. I don’t remember where I got the recipe from, but it was good enough to go in my hand written cookbook. Yea, I’m old – lol 😉

English Muffin Bread
Makes 1 loaf

3 cups flour
1 pkg active dry yeast
1.5 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1/8 tsp baking soda
1 cup milk
¼ cup water

In a mixing bowl, combine 2 cups flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and baking soda. In a sauce pan, heat water and milk to 130 degrees. Add to dry ingredients and beat until smooth. Stir in the remaining flour – batter will be stiff. Grease a loaf pan and sprinkle with cornmeal. Spoon batter into pan. Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled – about 45 minutes. Bake at 400 degrees for 30-35 minutes until golden brown. Remove from pan to wire rack and let cool.

Whole Wheat Bread – only one loaf?!? Crazy

I was extremely excited to find a recipe online for a single loaf of bread.  That’s right – ONE.  I needed to make bread this weekend because I was planning on sticking to my budget and not buying anything but milk and eggs.  That didn’t happen (damn pretzel devils), but I still didn’t buy the bread.  I bought the whole wheat flour for an earlier recipe on this site and needed to be able to use it again.  I used it once for oatmeal raisin cookies, but that was it.  I found this recipe: and decided to give it a whirl.

Ingredients – the Barley Malt is a replacement for Molasses in the recipe.  According to the jar…..this can be done.  I am glad of this, since it was another ingredient I bought for only 1 recipe.  The powdered milk was trying to save money – blech.  Not gonna happen

Mix it all together and get ready to knead:

If you’re “smart” like me, you may get the idea to use spray olive oil Pam when you see “lightly oiled workspace”.  Don’t.  It doesn’t work.  The canola oil worked much better, but still stuck as you can see in the finished kneading picture, here.

I actually have a very cold house in the winter.  I don’t turn on my heat because I hate the way it works.  This does cause issues with my baking, but I remembered an old trick I read/was told about to get the dough to rise properly.  Set your oven to the warm setting.  When it is preheated – turn it OFF and put your dough in the oven for the rising time.  My dough rose perfectly, but the top was kind of dried out.  Not to the point where it was hard, but definitely noticeable.  I just turned it inside when I put it in the loaf pan.  No harm, no foul, right?  😀

For the second rising in the loaf pan, I didn’t put it in the oven, I just left it on the counter NEXT to the oven and waited a full 2 hours for it.  This is how big it was

Even though it hadn’t “crowned” per the recipe, I still took it and baked it.  The reason is that my pans are probably closer to 9 inches instead of 8 that ALL recipes call for.  I am not about to go out and buy new either.  If it worked for Grammy, it works for me.

I baked it the full 40 minutes because my oven runs cold (I hate this apartment – lol).  I tried to take it’s temperature, but apparently mine isn’t quick enough and I ended up giving it a dent in the top.  I think sticking a thermometor in the bread is stupid.  Who wants a piece with a hole in it?  I don’t even thing I waited long enough to get the full temperature before I said 😛  I am pretty sure it wasn’t 190 degrees, though.

The recipe warns about bitterness and I could definitely see what they were talking about.  I ate it only with butter, though.  When I tried it the next day, toasted, with egg salad on it, it was really quite good.  It gave the meal a depth of flavor that I wasn’t expecting.  Next time I make it, though, I think I will try with the honey.  If that is still too bitter, I am going to try with orange juice as suggested.  I will NOT be attempting to take its temperature again, though :/  (Can you see the dent??  I can)  I will post updates for you as I experiment.  I eat bread so rarely, that this will be a good way to use up the whole wheat flour and save some money not buying the crappy store stuff.  If I can find a recipe for Potato Bread, I may never buy bread again!!


Yep – I made bagels. Flat bagels, but bagels regardless. I wonder how many times I can say bagels in one post? Bagels. 🙂

I didn’t take pictures because it didn’t occur to me until this morning. By that time, the bagels were half made. It was a two day process using Peter Reinhart’s recipe. The first day made the dough and shaped the bagels. The second day – or when you want to bake them – was boiling, topping and, of course, baking.

I had some issues with the toppings. I was trying to make everything bagels – my favorite – and I just couldn’t get everything to stick. I had problems with the re-hydrated onion flakes and garlic sticking to everything BUT the bagels. My strickly garlic bagel was looking a little sad. I kept some plain and added cinnamon sugar to two. I haven’t eaten those yet – just an everything bagel for breakfast 🙂

Sorry I didn’t think to take pictures until after they were baked. Here’s a couple though:
Fresh out of the oven

Cooling on the racks

Breakfast – Egg, cheese and bologna

Things I will do different next time: Boil the bagels for 2 minutes a side to try and get a less flat bagel. Try letting them rise a little longer before I put it in the fridge to try and get a bigger bagel. Possibly skip the toppings. I want to try cinnamon raisin bagels or even egg raisin bagels. Those are fantastic for sandwiches, but it involves a whole different formula for the dough.

I will be making these again, though. It is definitely a weekend project though. Not as hard as I though, which is nice.