The day of almost

On New Year’s Day, the tradition in my family is to eat pork.  Usually pork and sauerkraut, but I was never a fan.  I had a couple boneless pork chops to thaw, so I decided to do some fried pork chops.  I found a recipe for Pork Schnitzel  that was similar to the breading I follow for regular fried chicken.  I found it in the Taste of Home cookbook.

Ingredients – I only have 4 pork chops instead of 6, but I still mixed the full recipe for the breading

Breading!  Here’s where the almost starts.  I almost had enough bread crumbs and paprika
PS_Flour PS_EggsPS_Breading

I only used 4 tbsps of oil to fry

Done!  Don’t they look delicious?

A side of macaroni and cheese.  I used the recipe from here.  I almost had enough pasta.  I left out the broccoli and ham.  I almost enough pasta for it.  It was a little saucy, but gooooood.  I used colby jack for the cheese sauce.

Here’s my dinner plated

It was really good, but the extra seasonings didn’t really add too much to the final flavor of the chop.  I did trim off all of the fat before breading though.  I was glad I did, because it kind of…….cooked out (I was thinking of a much less appetizing word – lol).  I think the mac and cheese recipe will be my go to one.  I just need to get enough pasta to accommodate the sauce made.


Ham, Broccoli and Cheese casserole

Pasta.  I love pasta in all forms.  I saw this recipe and wanted to try it.  The only problem is that I was supposed to have sausage pizza this weekend and I didn’t want two meals with sausage in a weekend.  I was planning on using gouda for the dish and I had a thought – replace the sausage with ham.  I love the combination of ham and gouda.  I first had the combo when I was in caribbean.  They have these pressed sandwiches at the airport made with ham and gouda.  OMG – they are the best!  I even bought an extra one so I could eat it on the plane back.  Yea, the other passengers were jealous. 🙂

Ingredients – I thought there were a lot of items, but there really aren’t comparing to other recipes.  See that milk?  I didn’t think I had enough, but I forgot to check before I started the dish.  Luckily, I had just barely enough.  I didn’t use shell pasta as in the original recipe.  Instead, I used corkscrew pasta – I saw it and wanted to use it and that was it 😉

Ingredients 2 – yea, I forgot some, but I remembered to add them in!!

Cooking ham

Ham and broccoli

Mixed up

All sauced up.  I don’t have any pictures of making the sauce since it was quick and I didn’t feel safe to leave the stove while it was cooking.

Topped with the second ingredients up there

All baked up.  Stop licking the screen!  This is not a view and taste website!

Plated on my dishes that always seem to match the food I am cooking.

It tasted so good.  I was so happy with the results.  I am definitely make this again.  It was creamy, filling and just such a good comfort food.  In fact, my mother told me that she is making a ham this weekend and the first thing I thought was that I could make this!!  They always seem surprised that I actually cook.  I can’t think of a single thing I would change…..besides what I already did 😉  I made this into 8 servings, but they just didn’t seem big enough, so I made it into 7 instead.  Yea, I know, weird, but I just emptied one container into the others evenly to make 7