First soup of winter – WHAT??

I realized I hadn’t made any soup this winter season.  How sad is that??  I came across this one and it was so easy, I just had to whip it up.  The only thing I did wrong was have cooked chicken instead of cooking it with the soup.  I mixed up this recipe with another one and got confused.  No big deal, I just waited until the end to add the chicken.


Cooking the bacon – see all that fat in there?  I admit, it made me a little nervous.

Onions and flour cooking in the bacon fat.

Waiting for it to boil.  This would be the point that the raw chicken would go in to cook.  I still simmered the veggies for the same amount of time.


I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t thicker.  It was a good tasting soup.  It needed some salt at the end though.  I suppose you could add some pepper to it if you like, but it just didn’t really interest me.  I guess this soup was a level of ok, but not spectacular.  Not something that I will make again or add to the cookbook.  I think I just prefer thicker soups when they are called a Chowder