Turkey Meatball Sub

I come back after my hiatus making a recipe from here: Turkey Meatball Sub

Normally, I shy away from recipes with ground turkey. No matter how much I try, I just don’t like the texture. I prefer ground beef. These aren’t bad, but again, it’s the texture.

Ingredients (minus the egg *SIGH*)

All the veggies and seasonings mixed up.  It looked a little wet to me, so I dumped out some of the liquid.  Probably because I accidentally added an entire egg.

Why? Because I didn’t use him: Kind of creepy, I know, but it works really well separating eggs.

Here are the meatballs formed.

It was really easy because I used this:

My mom bought me this for cookies, but it worked wonderfully here. In the original recipe, it made 5 servings of 3 meatballs each. As you can see, I got considerably more out of it. I am not sure how big the meatballs in the original recipe are, but these ended up being the perfect size for my buns.  (heh, buns 😀 )

While that was baking, I took this:

Added some seasonings to make it taste like something other than yuck. Got some buns:

I have to say, I absolutely love these. I usually get the sandwich buns, but for this, I went with the long rolls. Martin’s rolls are always so soft and just have a really good taste. I think they may be my favorite buns ever. I kind of feel bad saying that. Being from Pittsburgh, I adored egg buns made at a local bakery and sold at the grocery store (the name escapes me). The last few times I got them, they were very disappointing. Dry and old. I just stopped buying them. I got these one day as an experiment and was transported back to the glory days of the egg buns.

And some good cheese

This sandwich just called for some good mozzarella and this is what I ended up with.  Even with 8 servings of the meatballs, I am going to have to find something to do with this.  I want to make a chicago deep dish pizza and might try and incorporate some of this into it.

Take out the meatballs.  Curse when they stick.  Anyone have any solution to that?  I have tried non-stick spray with no avail.  This time, I tried brushing the grate with olive oil.  STILL didn’t help 😦

Put them all together and get this:

I know the cheese is a little off and if you are wondering, yes, yes it does bother me.

Bake it, add some watermelon and you get dinner!!

I have to figure out how to get the cheese to melt without leaving the sandwich in the oven so long that the bun burns. I will have to let you know how I deal with it. I am actually thinking of heating the meatballs and cheese while toasting the bun separately.

Like I said, it’s pretty good, but the turkey texture is just odd to me.  I might try this with ground beef and see if I get results better suited to me.


Spicy Sausage Pasta

From here

This will be a little different than my other posts. I made the recipe from the post above and took some pictures as I made it. Hope you enjoy!

Ingredients (I forgot the cheese – facepalm)

Cooking the sausage and onions

Adding all the ingredients to the pot.

After the first cheese addition

Ready for Baking

All baked

My dinner!!

Deviating from the original recipe, I used half and half instead of heavy cream. Only 6 ounces of pasta and 14 ounces of sausage and approx 1 cup of onions. I put the servings into individual ramekins instead of the whole skillet. I also made 6 servings instead of 4. I would definitely add less pepper next time. While it was good, the spice kind of overwhelmed everything.