Dilled Chicken and Potato Salad

I’ve had this recipe marked to make for a long time.  It has chicken, potatoes, and dill.  What could go wrong?

Ingredient List with pre-poached chicken

I poached the chicken ahead of time.  I still ended up chopping it a little smaller

Next, you mix the oil and vinegar while the potatoes are boiling.  I took a picture because it was a cool color 🙂

Next, put the potatoes in the mix.  This is where I think the recipe goes wrong.  I think all of the seasoning should go in with the oil and vinegar so the hot potatoes can soak all of them up

After it soaks for a bit, you add the dill, salt, pepper, and chicken.  I put some paprika on top because I’m cool like that!

I had it for lunch today.  It was a few days after making it, but it was very underwhelming.  It was almost bland.  That’s why I make the note up top with the seasonings.  Now, the problem is how to doctor up the rest of the servings so I can actually eat it.  Do I add mayo?  Do I heat it up?  Shit, I don’t even know what to serve it with.  I still think the recipe has potential, though.  I am definitely going to revisit this one.


Simply Steak

I am not a big beef eater.  I only have 8 posts tagged as beef on my blog and this just might be the best of them all.  The recipe from the last post inspired me.  I tried to think what would go the best with it.  First, I was thinking seafood.  Then, it hit me….STEAK!  After scouring the web for what type of steak to buy, asking on forums, I set out to buy one.  With my knowledge flying around my head, I stood in front of the meat case…..and picked one that looked good, forgetting to look at what it was.  Eh, the stomach wants what it wants.  Plus, it was the perfect size.  Less than a pound – perfect for just me.

All wrapped up looking pretty

In it’s raw glory

In the pan, seasoned with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

One side seared.  I honestly don’t know how long I cooked it for, but it wasn’t really long.  I was aiming for medium to medium rare and just went with my gut, I guess.  I think it took maybe 10 minutes total to cook?  Maybe 15 minutes?

All done!

After resting for 7 minutes, I sliced.  OMG – can you see that perfect color?

OMG – this was a wonderful meal.  The beef was perfectly cooked and it was SO tender.  It almost melted in my mouth!  I don’t know if it was the temperature it was cooked to or where I bought it from.  It was such a wonderful dinner (pic coming in the next post along with some sides).  It was definitely a pricy steak compared to what I normally buy, but if I eat it so rarely, why not do it right??

Orange Beef – FINALLY!

I finally made the orange beef from forever ago.  I admit that I actually started it on Sunday and finished it last night.  There are a lot of ingredients for this, but that is the trend for all the recipes in the cookbook.  It still isn’t hard to make.

Ingredients – I know, I know, I need to buy regular sherry instead of the crappy cooking sherry, but I cannot find it for the life of me.  I didn’t think to check a wine store until after I already bought the crappy stuff – a decision I regretted later.

Marinade – Just cause it looks cool.  The orange is from the bean sauce – weird, right?

Ingredients for the cooking.  There was supposed to be only 8 pieces of the orange peel, but I kind of destroyed one peel.  Apparently, I need some sort of orange peeling class.  Only problem – I have no idea what to do with the oranges themselves!  I might have to make some cookies or something.

Ingredients for the sauce

I didn’t take any pictures of the sauce or the cooking ingredients combined because it just looked….brown.  Anything with dark soy sauce tends to only be brown.

Beef cooked – at this point, the recipe said to remove all but 3 tbsp of oil from the wok.  Seriously?  I never understood how people did that.  It’s boiling hot oil and you want me to try and measure some out?  I don’t think so!  I just dumped out enough that I thought it looked right and said “Good enough!!”

Frying orange peel.  Yep –  frying.

Beef and orange peel – see the liquid in the middle?  I wasn’t sure how much of that was oil and how much was goodness.  I was going to take it out but then, I actually tasted it and it was beefy – so I left it alone.



It was good, but not as mind blowing as I thought.  I blame most of it on the sherry,  The other thing was the meat.  It was kind of tough and stringy.  As much as it cost, I expected it to be great.  I even marinated it for about 3 days and it still wasn’t as good.  I made notes to try a different cut of beef and to replace the sherry with broth.  I was also thinking of trying it with chicken.  Definitely not with marinating for 3 days, though, You wouldn’t want it to turn to mush.  I wonder if I could just make the sauce and pour it over grilled chicken.

The day of almost

On New Year’s Day, the tradition in my family is to eat pork.  Usually pork and sauerkraut, but I was never a fan.  I had a couple boneless pork chops to thaw, so I decided to do some fried pork chops.  I found a recipe for Pork Schnitzel  that was similar to the breading I follow for regular fried chicken.  I found it in the Taste of Home cookbook.

Ingredients – I only have 4 pork chops instead of 6, but I still mixed the full recipe for the breading

Breading!  Here’s where the almost starts.  I almost had enough bread crumbs and paprika
PS_Flour PS_EggsPS_Breading

I only used 4 tbsps of oil to fry

Done!  Don’t they look delicious?

A side of macaroni and cheese.  I used the recipe from here.  I almost had enough pasta.  I left out the broccoli and ham.  I almost enough pasta for it.  It was a little saucy, but gooooood.  I used colby jack for the cheese sauce.

Here’s my dinner plated

It was really good, but the extra seasonings didn’t really add too much to the final flavor of the chop.  I did trim off all of the fat before breading though.  I was glad I did, because it kind of…….cooked out (I was thinking of a much less appetizing word – lol).  I think the mac and cheese recipe will be my go to one.  I just need to get enough pasta to accommodate the sauce made.

Day of Travel Food

Today was the day I flew to my Parent’s house.  I usually take food with me, but with the Christmas bonus lining my pocket, I threw caution to the wind and decided to buy my breakfast.  I actually could’ve gone to Five Guys, but I stuck to breakfast food at Jason’s Deli


The above cost 14 dollars 😮  I know, I know.  It was mostly because of the two drinks in the back.  I didn’t want a fountain drink and needed some water for the plane.  The sandwich was 5.75.  Seems expensive, until you see this:

Oh yea.  Bacon, smoked turkey and cheddar on an everything bagel.  It was really, really good.  It was very filling, too.  Thankfully, because my brother picked me up hungover, so that meant that he had to go buy 35 dollars worth of food from Sheetz and deliver to his friends (facepalm), so it took 1.5 hours to get to my parent’s house.

My mom went out and bought a crapload of lunch meat.  I didn’t take any pictures of it, but I was about to chew off my arm.

One baloney sandwich and one brunschweiger sandwich.  Both with brick cheese and mayo with a side of lightly salted chips.  The bread was pumpernickel from a local place called the Breadworks.  At least, I think they are local.  Yep, they are, I googled it 🙂  It was so good and tender.  Such a filling lunch at 3PM (thanks bro).  You can see that I couldn’t wait to start before I remembered a picture 😉

I decided to make dinner for my parents.  They had some breaded chicken breasts, pasta, sauce and cheese……I think you know where I am going with this 🙂

Chicken parm with a side of garlic bread.  The bread is from the same place as the pumpernickel.  Again, it was great.  Fresh and even smelled wonderful when I cut the three slices for the garlic bread.

Not too bad for a day of traveling, don’t you think?

Throw together meal

This has been one of those weeks.  Work dragged, I felt like crap and I just didn’t feel like cooking at all.  Today, I am feeling better, but not the best.  I was tired before I even got home from work, but I still needed to get something for dinner.  These are the days that everyone is tempted to just roll through the drive thru and pick something up.  I wanted to do that too, but I knew I had plenty of food in the house.  I decided on a quick throw together meal with things I always have around the house.

Ingredients (yes, I always have pasta and sauce.  Just lucked out with the patties – don’t you keep frozen breaded veggies?  lol)

A quick boil, measure out the sauce and leave that with the pasta on the stove to keep warm.  The patties went into the toaster oven to bake/toast/broil.  Yep – used all of that to get them finished.  Why?  Cause I couldn’t remember how I did it last time that got them all crispy.  Still turned out pretty good.  Look at all this food!!  I sprinkled on some cheese cause I’m fancy like that 🙂

I did take a piece of bread and swipe up all the leftover sauce.  Everyone does that, right?  For all that, I only had 493 calories, 78 carbs, 14 fat and 20 protein.  Not perfect – but a whole lot better than any take-out meal that isn’t a salad.  And cheaper, too.  From the first picture to the last, it was only 25 minutes.  It probably would have been quicker if I could figure out how to cook the patties more efficiently.

I would have room for ice cream (read enough calories and fat in my range), but I can’t have it – see the not feeling well above.  I have asthma that has been acting up.  In addition to not breathing, I have to stay away from dairy products.  So no milk, large amounts of chocolate, ice cream, yogurt, etc.  Way to kick me when I’m down, nature!!  jerk……

Spicy Orange Shrimp

I love shrimp.  I love orange sauce.  When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it.  I did it a little differently than the original cook.  I worry about shrimp being over cooked, so I cooked that separate from the sauce.  It look a little longer to reduce it to what I prefer in a sauce, but it was so worth it.  I love this recipe.  It is going into my hand written book.  I may have to actually measure out the red pepper flakes next time, though.  Whew!!
Ingredients – all I had to buy was the juice and shrimp

Ingredients all mixed up in the clear measuring cup.  This made it easier to measure most of the liquids.  Just pour it in until the top of the liquid moves to the correct level.

I put the sauce on to simmer while I peeled and cleaned the shrimp.  It takes me some time because I absolutely despise the “vein” in shelled shrimp.  I don’t care what you say, I know it’s not a vein.  I know what it is!  And I AM NOT GONNA EAT IT!  That is why I never eat shelled steamed shrimp.  At this point, I was getting a little concerned because it smelled so strongly of soy sauce, I thought that would be the only flavor.

I cooked up the shrimp and added the sauce in.  I cooked them together a little more – until all the shrimp were cooked.

At that point, I took out the shrimp and put them with the portions of rice that I set up.  I got 4 pretty good servings out of this recipe as you can see.

I was going to store the sauce in separate containers, but of course, one fell on the floor 😐  I did have a reason for the separation – it was basically so the rice wouldn’t absorb the sauce.  And seeing how hot this got, it would’ve been nice to have the rice as a cooling down type accessory to the meal.  Yea, I have no idea what word I was looking for there, but you get my drift.  I had a picture of the spill, but it kind of looked…..like a potty accident?  Yea, that’s all I am going to say about that 😮

Here was my dinner last night

It was soo good.  The sauce tasted of soy sauce, but not as overwhelmingly as I had thought earlier.  It was definitely spicy, but that was my own fault.  I am wondering if I can do this with chicken.  Maybe even as a sauce on the side.  Try it, love it, thank the lady from the website 😀