Planning an Apartment Warming Party – Concept phase

Although I haven’t bought a house, I have moved to an apartment that I see myself living in for a long time. It is about 45 minutes from my old place and I am looking at it as a new beginning. Because of that I am having an Apartment Warming/Bring a bottle party

The Bring a bottle concept is new to me, but was suggested by a friend. Basically, all the guest bring booze instead of presents so you have a nice, well stocked bar 🙂

I am also having my little shindig when my best friend, Bunny (she likes bunnies – lol), is down for the weekend. I checked with her to make sure it was ok considering she is going to be helping me prep everything – lol.

The date is set, I invited all the people I wanted there (that would be in the state at the time) and set off to the internet for any ideas. There really weren’t a lot for apartment warming parties, so I had to get creative on my own.  In addition to Bunny, I have another friend helping me with the decorating of the apartment in general before the party and to bounce ideas off.  She is amazingly crafty.  I shall call her Crafty!  Another original pseudo-name, right?

I thought I would write a series on this madness to help anyone else out there that is throwing an Apartment Warming Party. This is just the beginning of the craziness 😀