Dilled Chicken and Potato Salad

I’ve had this recipe marked to make for a long time.  It has chicken, potatoes, and dill.  What could go wrong?

Ingredient List with pre-poached chicken

I poached the chicken ahead of time.  I still ended up chopping it a little smaller

Next, you mix the oil and vinegar while the potatoes are boiling.  I took a picture because it was a cool color 🙂

Next, put the potatoes in the mix.  This is where I think the recipe goes wrong.  I think all of the seasoning should go in with the oil and vinegar so the hot potatoes can soak all of them up

After it soaks for a bit, you add the dill, salt, pepper, and chicken.  I put some paprika on top because I’m cool like that!

I had it for lunch today.  It was a few days after making it, but it was very underwhelming.  It was almost bland.  That’s why I make the note up top with the seasonings.  Now, the problem is how to doctor up the rest of the servings so I can actually eat it.  Do I add mayo?  Do I heat it up?  Shit, I don’t even know what to serve it with.  I still think the recipe has potential, though.  I am definitely going to revisit this one.


Title Forgotten….almost

Potatoes, chicken, cheese and bacon – what’s not to love??  I was gonna make just potatoes, then I realized that this recipe had chicken in it, too.  It is a bit spicy, so Ranch is not a suggestion here, it’s a requirement.  It wasn’t a difficult recipe, but it did require a lot of attention.


Mixing the potatoes up

Ready to bake the potatoes

Baked!  Look how quick that was – not really though.  it took about 45 minutes with turning every 15 minutes

I added the chicken and topped the chicken with cheese, bacon and green onions.  I don’t have the full amount of the onions, just enough.  I chopped until it felt weird, you know?  Like, why am I still chopping?  This thing is hollow and mushing in my hands.

After baking.  You can’t see, but it wasn’t baked enough for the chicken to be completely cooked.  But, the topping (as you can see) was done.

I cut up the chicken and nuked it until the chicken was completely cooked.

This was only HALF the recipe and it is plenty to feed me for the week.  I am thinking of calling a friend to help out, too.  It was good, but I am going to be cutting down on the hot sauce the next time I make it.  I want to combine this recipe with one for ranch potatoes and leave the chicken with the Buffalo seasoning.  I think it would be more balanced and I probably wouldn’t need the ranch on the side.  I wonder how it would taste with BBQ chicken on top.  This would be a great dish to make in the winter since it is baked at a high temperature.  I recommend it if you like hot sauce.

Baked Potato for Dinner? Yes, Please!

This is how smart I am – I made a baked potato on the HOTTEST day of the week.  We’re talking 85-88 degrees.  Yea, I’m smart, right?  But, it was in the schedule, so it happened.  I know you guys probably don’t need pictures, but I got them any way.


Then, take your ingredients and prep them – I will explain the wood later (That’s what HE said – HA! )

After the potato is done, or in my case almost done, Mix in the butter, then top with sour cream, cheese and bacon.  Then, throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Realize your microwave is a piece of crap and nuke for 15 more seconds.  Sigh when the cheese is still not all melted.  Then, take a picture and eat

(I couldn’t decide which one was best)

Ok, so the wood?  It’s a wooden skewer.  I read somewhere that this one guy put a skewer in the raw potatoes so he could tell when it was done by how easy it was to remove from the potato.  Maybe he wasn’t using a gargantuan potato like me, but my potato wasn’t quite done.  It was enough that I figured I could smoosh it up enough to make it edible.  It was actually only noticeable in two bites.  The royal we were very happy.  I love having a baked potato for dinner.  It’s so filling and almost decadent because of the toppings.  In case you’re wondering, it was only 521 calories.  If I had gotten the butter right and only used a half a tablespoon, it’s under 500 calories.  For an entire meal with bacon and cheese?  Yes please!!

Shepard’s Pieish type recipe

I have no idea when I found this recipe.  It’s been in the arsenal for a bit of time.  I finally bought some ground meat to be able to make it.  I took a few shortcuts with it that made it a less labor intensive recipe

Ingredients (Forgot the potatoes).  The barley malt was a replacement for molasses.  The canned tomatoes and frozen onions stood in place for the fresh.  Quite frankly, I was feeling a little lazy and these were both cheaper options.

First things is to cook the potatoes.  The recipe called for 2 pounds.  This was a little under and was almost too much

And make mashed potatoes out of them.  The recipe called for the potatoes to me made with oil and the water the potatoes were boiled in.  That didn’t sound very good to me, how about you?  I decided to go ahead and make real mashed with milk, butter, and salt.  I mashed them with a hand masher instead of mixers so it would have a little more texture.

The onion gets cooked until softened and add the beef.  Next comes the tomatoes and everything gets cooked together

While that’s cooking, you make a sauce out of all the wet ingredients

Add that to the beef mixture for the base of the recipe.

This is another place I went different than the recipe.  It said to add the beef to a casserole dish and top with the potatoes before broiling.  I don’t know what your casserole dishes are like, but I am almost positive that mine say no broiler.  I decided to just use the skillet as a casserole dish.  I knew it would be fine in the oven since cast iron is used in direct fires (thank you cooking channels)

I used a fork and made some indentations in the potato so that it would look a little better after browning.

Close up and close up with a flash.  I am not sure which one looks better, but I liked them both.  Looking at them side by side like this, though, the one with the flash looks better
BPP_UpClose BPP_UpClose_Flash

I made it into an 8 serving cut because it is just easier for me to cut anything that way.  I ate it with a garlic cheddar biscuit.

I really liked the recipe.  It was a little sweet, but balanced by the potatoes very well.  I think adding some heat to the beef mixture would make this even better.  I am considering making my sloppy joe recipe as the base next time.  Something easy and even though it seems common, something I never would have thought of to start myself.  Sometimes the easy answerers aren’t always the ones that come to mind first.

Au Gratin Potatoes

I got this next recipe from here: http://www.fortheloveofcooking.net/2008/09/au-gratin-potatoes.html and mine looks NOTHING like the pictures from the post – lol.  Not sure why – maybe the cheese I used or the fact that I used half and half instead of milk.  Regardless, I think this is a wonderful recipe and will happily replace all the boxed potatoes that I may or may not be addicted to, although I may try a half recipe next time – SO MANY POTATOES!!  😯

Ingredients.  See the little small potato?  I thought I wouldn’t have enough potatoes for this because of that.  I had plenty.  I also didn’t use all the cheese in the background.

Potatoes sliced.  This was the dish I was originally gonna use.  Can you say too small??  You may be wondering why the potatoes are in water.  This is to keep them from turning into a rainbow of rotten colors.  I am not a fast slicer, especially when I need a specific width.  This was my solution to keep the potatoes viable while finishing slicing and making the cheese sauce

Making the sauce – I am a little impatient for sauces.  I was so ready for this to be done way before it was ready.  It was glumpy and odd and I was worried that the cheese wouldn’t work.  It did, of course, but it just took some time.  I used all the cheddar for this part, but I don’t know why it isn’t yellow.  Maybe because I used half and half instead of milk??  Ignore the pink nails – they are still from halloween.  I would say ignore the messy stove, but that’s a constant.

I poured the sauce over the potatoes in the new dish and put them into the oven which was too hot – of course.  I forgot to take a picture, but I snapped one when I threw it in the oven.  Then I decided you really couldn’t see anything, so it was silly to add.  Here is the dish after the first baking instead 🙂

Now, I would have been happy stopping here, but I went ahead and put on the topping and baked it some more.  This time, I used the mozzarella cheese.

Not bad, right?  It was really good and filling.  It definitely needed more salt – how do I get past the over salt fear?  I paired it with some grilled chicken.  Next time, I will try it with just milk and no breadcrumbs.  I might still do the second bake with cheese on it, but just no bread crumbs.  Possibly trying some Panko bread crumbs.  Might like that a little better.  More crunch.  This one will definitely be eaten for a while.  I am thinking eggs and potatoes for breakfast!

Chicken and Potatoes

I made a whole big dinner on Sunday – why?  Who knows.  I just wanted something yummy and comforting.  I decided to try my hand at scalloped potatoes.  I didn’t take pictures of the process because I didn’t know I was going to be posting about it!  Oops – lol.  The recipe is really simple.  Potatoes sliced thin, butter dotted on the layers, flour sprinkled on the layers (before the butter) and salt.  Bake and voila – scalloped potatoes.  I didn’t add enough salt (I never do), but they were still pretty good.  These are nothing like the boxed scalloped potatoes that I was expecting.  I wasn’t expecting the exact same taste, but something slightly similar.  You know, nice and saucy and so addicting taht you just want to eat it with a spoon in one sitting.  Not to say they aren’t good – just not what I was hoping for.  Maybe I sliced the potatoes too thin?  Hopefully, I will have better luck when I try the au gratin potatoes.


I also made a whole chicken.  Not sure why, I only eat the chicken breasts!  I think I am going to pull the rest of the meat off and save it for a soup.  I am pretty sure that is the only way that I can eat dark meat.  I think I want to try and make a chicken stew.  Although, I might just abandon that for a sure fire recipe: Chicken Pot Pie Soup!  So thick and yummy!

Back to the chicken at hand:  This one was done simply – at the same time as the potatoes.  I got butter and rubbed it all over and under the skin – not a pretty job, trust me.  I put a carrot, celery and some onion in the cavity along with a couple bay leaves.  Why?  I don’t know.  I think I read it somewhere 😀  I used Penzey’s Shallot Pepper as the seasoning.  It was FANTASTIC.  I am so excited about this seasoning now.  I may have to go buy a big bag of it.  I don’t really like Lemon Pepper and I think this will be a perfect substitute.  It wasn’t too peppery, but full of flavor.  I even had a piece of skin and i never do that with Lemon Pepper

Finished Chicken:

I had leftovers for a day or two.  Still need to work on the potatoes, though.  I have them on the menu for tonight as a side to a turkey burger.  I think they will be good for breakfast, too.  Kind of like home fries or hash browns.  See – really simple, but seemingly decadent dinner.  The prep wasn’t too long, and the oven did the rest.  Approx 1.5 hours for both at 350.  I had to cover the potatoes for part of it so they wouldn’t burn, but all in all, SUCCESS  😉

Spinach Potato thingys (yea, that sounds appetizing)

Doesn’t it though?  This recipe comes from the good old Whole Foods Cookbook.  The official name is Spinach, Garlic and Rosemary Griddlecakes.  Why didn’t I call them that?  Well, first off, I didn’t use Rosemary.  Don’t like it.  Haven’t even had it in my kitchen for years.  Try it again, you say?  HA!  I don’t think so.  I might at some point, but right now, I have no reason to.  I remember faking liking it growing up and I am not about to do that again.  I’m an adult, dammit!  Let me put aside the hat I made and get on with the recipe 😉

I have a confession, though.  I completely forgot that I wanted to share this one with you until I started making it already.  This is definitely going to be a mish mash of photos for you, but I hope not too confusing.


Mashy Mashy potatoes – and yes I did say that when I mashed

Cook and stir the onions.  Honestly?  I just like the way it looks

Combine and move to a bigger bowl because you underestimated the amount of food you will have

Trying to cook them in the pan as directed….FAIL!  I think this would work fine with a non-stick pan.  Another reason I want a cast iron pan.  Those get to be non-stick as you use them.  The one I scraped off the pan (and in the process bending my metal scrapper) had a great crust.  I am going to have to break down and buy the pan.

Before and after baking.  Can you tell which is which?  lol

This was my dinner tonight.  Much better looking than the night I made these.

These really were quite good.  Fairly easy, too.  As I said above, I did have some issues with the pan, but that wasn’t the fault of the recipe.  The issue I had with the recipe was the portions.  It said 8 ounces, but there is no way it is 8 ounces.  The ones above were 4 ounces each and I made 11 cakes.  8 ounces????  Weight wise, it would make about 5 ENORMOUS ones.  If I went with fluid ounces, that’s a cup and it would still be huge griddle cakes.  I also replaced the rosemary with chives.  I accidentally picked up the chives anyways, so in they went.  They really weren’t very flavorful.  Next time I may add more.  Other than that – SUCCESS!

PS – anyone have any recipes with chives??